Submitted by Daniel Kindred on Sat, 07/24/2021 - 08:50

We are still formulating what our best approach is, depending on the how we should start and what business model we should adopt.

However we can set out where we hope to be in 5 years time:

  • To be the go-to place to find & share trusted agricultural knowledge & activities
    • initimately linked with AHDB What Works Centre and National Libraries for Agrifood and connecting with all relevant sources (eg Agricology, Innovative Farmers, Wikipedia, Eureka Farmbook)
  • Have an active user community of >2000 farmers & >500 advisors, plus all farmer-facing researchers & KE practitioners.
  • Provider of thematic knowledge across all sectors, by linking with other knowledge sources
  • Have a viewing community of >40000 farmers, including via links with TFF & partners
  • Be well supported by commercial subscriptions - >£250k revenues/yr
  • Have a team of full time staff (>3) managing & moderating the website
  • Substantial support from AHDB & Defra to fund knowledge generation, distillation & sharing through Farm-PEP being fully embedded with What Works Centre & Defra Innovation R&D programme
  • Using democratic credit based systems to rate and fund activities and projects 
  • Support innovation networks and on-farm experimentation with a range of tools and services available via Farm-PEP, including data exchange, Dynamic Benchmarking and Farm Trials Toolbox

The below diagram gives an outline of our current plans for developing Farm-PEP. 

Plans for Farm-PEP