Farm PEP Co-design blogs

This page hosts the original development site and provides an archive of the ideas that went in to its co-design and development. You can now view and sign up to the main site at Farm PEP aims to connect knowledge exchange in agriculture. It is a work in progress and we are co-designing the project openly, in an iterative process, involving as many stakeholders as possible in order to develop a vibrant online knowledge-sharing community.

The posts below outline our evolving vision and progress to date with an updated summary of what Farm-PEP will be . However, Farm-PEP won't work without your involvement so please let us know what you think by commenting on the posts below, asking questions and completing our short survey. We welcome your input!

1. Report on Impact of Covid19 on Knowledge Exchange
2. Farm-PEP Challenge Statement
3. Setting out the Ethos for Farm-PEP
4. Initial Ideas
5. Important Stakeholders
6. Managing Content (first thoughts - now superseded)
7. Possible Business Models
8. Key Questions
9. Insights from Workshop
10. Plans
11. Motivations
12. Content Revisited
13. Revised Wireframes
14. Updated Summary
15. Survey
16. Value Proposition
17. Topics

Farm-PEP Survey

Monday 13 Sep 2021

We have designed a short survey to get views on what we should prioritise for Farm-PEP. 

You can complete the survey here. …

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Updated Summary of what the Farm-PEP solution will be

Monday 16 Aug 2021

The below is an attempt to summarise our vision for Farm-PEP, incorporating latest thinking on content here - please help us improve this:…

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Wireframes - Farm-PEP Landing, Pages & Topics

Sunday 15 Aug 2021

We are sharing a first set of Wire Frames for the revised Farm-PEP concept in the links below.

Please ignore the content in these - its nonsense. Also ignore the branding.  There is still…

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Content - Revisited

Friday 13 Aug 2021

We have revised our initial ideas of how content should be managed in Farm-PEP, following extensive consultations with farmers and stakeholders.

We propose simply having four types of…

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Thursday 12 Aug 2021

For Farm-PEP to be a success we need to properly think through the motivations of all its users, so that we achieve the continued engagement necessary. 

I've tried to characterise the main…

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Saturday 24 Jul 2021

We are still formulating what our best approach is, depending on the how we should start and what business model we should adopt.

However we can set out where we hope to be in 5 years time…

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Insights from Workshop

Friday 23 Jul 2021

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Key Questions

Friday 23 Jul 2021

The questions below have come up from discussions with stakeholders and from questioning ourselves. We don't necessarily have the answers - so any help would be appreciated!  If you have more…

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Possible Business Models

Thursday 22 Jul 2021

Our aim in Farm-PEP is to support farm-centric knowledge generation and sharing, and connect the industry.

There will be no point creating Farm-PEP if it can't be viably sustained into the…

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Managing Content (First Thoughts - Now superseded)

Tuesday 20 Jul 2021

The plan for Farm-PEP is for the content to be user generated by the community.  We see 'Projects' as being the initial core to this, as telling people about what you are doing,…

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