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Submitted by Daniel Kindred on Tue, 12/14/2021 - 22:01

We've drafted a page to set out what farmpep.net is, how it works and what we expect from users. We'd appreciate your feedback and improvements to this. 

About PEP



About Farm PEP 


What is Farm PEP?

  • Farm PEP is a Knowledge Exchange Platform to generate, connect, distill and share Agricultural Knowledge. It is a place for the discussion and distillation of ideas, where anyone involved in agriculture can tell people what they're doing and find out what’s going on.


Who is Farm PEP for?

  • Farm PEP is a community of farmers, agricultural advisors, researchers, industry and knowledge exchange practitioners - anyone can register as a member.


How does it work?

  • Farm PEP connects people, projects, organisations and content through ‘Topics’
  • Farm-PEP invites community content - anyone can add a resource, a comment, post a question, add resources or an events, or form a group around a project or organisation, or start a group as a space for collaboration and discussion. 
  • Farm PEP has trusted Stewards who summarise authoritative information around each Topic.


Which types of content can be shared?

  • Farm PEP encourages knowledge sharing on all aspects of agriculture, with a focus on active projects, farm-led innovation, and research. 
  • Farm PEP aims to connect content - rather than duplicating what already exists - via summaries and links to more detail
  • Commercial content can be shared, as long as it is clearly marked as such


Farm PEP Members subscribe to an ethos of:

  • Openness - to knowledge sharing and to other people’s opinions and ideas
  • Learning - from and with others by embracing constructive challenges and failure
  • Collaboration - by working together to achieve greater results 
  • Respect - by being mindful of other viewpoints and treating everyone with civility



Farm PEP structure:



Farm PEP is structured around Topics, which form a nested taxonomy of agricultural knowledge. Topics are like encyclopaedia pages, they contain summaries which are curated by Topic stewards. PEP Members can connect their Community Content (Posts, Resources, Projects etc) to Topics, or comments directly on Topic pages. Members can also follow Topics to be notified of updates and changes.



Anyone can add a Post on Farm PEP. These can be Ideas, Questions, Articles, Resources, or any other thought… Posts can be related to Topics, Groups, People, Organisations, or other Posts via ‘tags’



Farm PEP encourages Members to create Groups for Projects, Events or any other collaborative endeavour. Members of Groups can create Posts within the Group, which are shown under the Group description, to which Group Members can subscribe.



Organisations provide a way for Members to connectlink themselves to businesses and other professional bodies - and for Organisations to associate themselves with their sector/s via Topics.


Members’ Dashboard

The Dashboard provides an overview of the latest activity on Farm PEP, customised according to the Members’ interests, via a timeline of recent comments, posts, and updates from Topics and Groups. The Dashboard also provides links to a Member’s profile page and Farm Pep account.

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