Report on Impact of Covid19 on Knowledge Exchange

Submitted by Daniel Kindred on Tue, 06/01/2021 - 11:00

As part of our Farm-PEP Innovate UK project we conducted a rapid appraisal of the impact of the Covid-19 disruption on the delivery and future of knowledge exchange in UK agriculture. 

The work was led by Prof Julie Ingram at University of Gloucester's Countryside and Community Research Institute (CCRI) and consisted of three components:

  1. An online survey
  2. Interviews with KE practitioners
  3. Stakeholder Workshop

Results from each of these is detailed in reports here, along with a synthesis summary. Also here is the output from a final workshop seeking to synthesis the findings into a 'Challenge Statement' that forms the basis for Farm-PEP development.  

The findings from all the reports are summarised in a Summary Report here and individual reports are linked below.