Key Questions

Submitted by Daniel Kindred on Fri, 07/23/2021 - 08:46

The questions below have come up from discussions with stakeholders and from questioning ourselves. We don't necessarily have the answers - so any help would be appreciated!  If you have more questions, please ask in the comment box below.

Fundamental questions

  • Is Farm-PEP needed?
  • Can it help connect rather than add to the fragmentation?
  • What is our main aim and priority?
  • We need a stronger clarity of purpose - but what should it be & where should we start?
  • How can we best fulfil the role of connecting organisations, people & projects in the knowledge ecosystem?
  • Who are our targets users and audience?
  • What is the motivation for users to sign up to Farm-PEP?
  • How important is discussion?
  • Is there a sufficiently large engaged audience to make PEP work?
  • Would companies pay to be members of Farm-PEP with company & product pages?
    • Would enough organisations pay enough to make PEP viable for the long term?
    • Should we focus just on the UK, or should we allow or encourage international engagement? 
  • How do we ensure engagement and content comes from across all sectors, not just arable?
  • How do we start PEP - should we go for breadth or depth?
  • Should Farm-PEP be aligned with or distinct from YEN and ADAS?

Questions to farmers and users

  • What would you most value Farm-PEP for?
    • finding out about projects and getting involved?
    • finding out about organisations & whats going on
    • connecting with other farmers & PEP users
    • finding out about new knowledge in particular areas of interest?
    • Getting distilled best practice advice in particular areas of interest?
    • Getting involved in the generation, distillation and sharing of knowledge?
    • telling others about what you are doing?
    • Asking Questions?
  • Would you be likely to engage in discussions or to challenge content that didn't meet with your experience?
    • How open should we expect people to be with project activities, progress and results?
  • How would you like to see content presented to you?
    • by theme or knowledge area?
    • by project?
    • by organisation?
    • another way?
  • What would be your attitude to commercial content on PEP?
  • Would you want to put information about yourself on PEP, visible to registered users?
    • Would you want to be contactable via PEP, and to be able to contact other users?

Questions to research & KE professionals & organisations

  • What can Farm-PEP do to help you meet your objectives?
  • Would you be interested in becoming a Moderator on Farm-PEP 
  • How could PEP meaningfully interact with your existing website, or planned developments?
  • Would you link to your projects and resources on your website from PEP, with minimal basic info?
  • Would you be prepared to put full content on PEP, even it it duplicates your own web content?
  • For projects that don't currently have a web presence, would you welcome a space to present and discuss them?
    • How comfortable would you be in being open about project activity and reporting initial results?

Technical Questions

  • How do we appoint and manage Moderators?
  • How should we rate content?
  • How should we manage tags & themes?
  • What the rules for Farm-PEP users be?
    • How should rules be enforced?
  • How should commercial content be dealt with?
  • How to manage discussion - distributed on everything, or more focused?
  • Should we begin with Organisation profiles and Personal profiles?
  • Should the initial focus be on Projects, organisations or people?
  • Should we start broad and shallow aiming for users and projects across many sectors and themes, or deep and narrow, focusing on a few themes with detailed projects, demonstrating the full distillation of knowledge?